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    What's your favorite strain 
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    I wanna hear what others seek out. I keep a few special strain around for different uses. Old school Jack for morning and day time. It lets u focus on a task better. A heavy indica for night time and insomnia. And Durban for my severe anxiety and bipolar. These are my major player. Ur turn.
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    Yo man

    I like afghan kush .. northern lights and white rhino the most

    Love a earthy indica to knock me out

    Uk cheese is nice too
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    I have a thing for weed high in CBD, low in THC. It's pretty much the only kind I can smoke that I can enjoy; I have full on panic attacks (hyperventilating, palpitations and dramatically increased heart rate, nausea, "claws") when I smoke sativas and anything super high in THC.
    My favorites are Ambulance and Bubba Kush. Shark Shock is what I've had recently, and it's okay, but I don't get any pain relief or body high with it, and it makes me dissociate for some reason. Ambulance is a life saver, though. I had a 3-day migraine that would NOT go away despite the rotation of tylenol and ibuprofen, but as soon as I smoked some Ambulance, it went away instantly and never came back. Probably the best out of the three.
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    I don't use drugs anymore but I loved Indicas like Afghan, pure sativa like this very powerful Moroccan hash I smoked in Spain where it is decrimanalized was, and hybrids like trainwreck. I would get the best stuff I could with high THC levels to smoke and vape, and trip off the THC and so I wold get super stoned off of one or two hits. I would only cook with the mid-grade or lower quality stuff, or smoke a joint or bowl of it if there was nothing else around or a friend had some. The majority of herb I have used I had no idea which strain it was as people didn't know this back in the day. Colombian was a nice type though.
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    I love Jack Herrer too it is very upbeat I heard Jack used it as his ADHD medicine? It gives you a rush after smoking a lot. Makes you giddy. Got two phenotypes of it at the moment
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    Blue Dream
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    does anyone remember all the blue dream memes from like 6 months ago?

    I'm not hating but damn everyone was hating on it hard lol




    I'm still loyal to the deathstar because those gassy fuely burning tire terps are just too fire and I'll never ever get sick of them
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    Quote Originally Posted by DaDankyDank View Post
    gassy fuely burning tire terps are just too fire and I'll never ever get sick of them
    I agree. It's chemdawg for me when it comes to all around taste and enjoyment.

    I had to laugh at the first meme you posted because it reminded me of something I recently did. I've been trying to go on a break(s) from over usage and only have some bluedream flower left. Instead of smoking the dream I opted for a dab of some reclaim (ugh) a few times because you know, why not? Seriously no hate on that strain here either I actually enjoy it, but damn that hit a little too close to home just now lol.
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    Gorilla Glue and Death Star.
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    Other Drugs
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    Russian Assassin Squad Hardcore OG & Kosher Kush
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    I have legal access to endless amounts of the world's best cannabis favorite strains are

    -Private Reserve
    -OG Kush
    -Super Jack
    -Super Blue Dream
    -God's Gift
    -Gorilla Glue #4
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