Yesterday I decided to make a cocktail of my sister in-laws two year old meds.
The ingredients!!
2 512's oxycodone-5/350mg
3 Dan 5513 's Carisoprodol 325mg
5mls of hydrocodone 7.5mg cough syrup.
And about half a bottle of robotussin, (none-drowsey)
after spending hours researching the dangers of soma and opiates, I chose to ignore the warning.
I decided to crush all 5 of the round white pills, which i have very discretely recoverd out of the pharmicudecal pantry that seems to still be beckoning my name...(Yes, addiction is real.)
Once I had a very daunting, yet inviting pile of white, mind altering powder, I decided to dump it all into the syrup I had (Which was also combined with the robistussin). As you can imagine this solution was a bright pink color, filled with white streaks of love. As well as god awful
I quickly tossed in two Ice cubes, and just a tad bit of sprite. Not for the intent of making "lean", but because the solution was very potent, and quite frankly the most fowl thing I've tasted.
I drank this liquid within a matter of seconds, and then imedietly afterwards thought it to be a great idea to chase it down with some peppermint shnahhps. ( granted couldve done without the alcohol, but in hopes for a good time, I over ruled the possibilities)
Imedietly after ingesting the substance I felt a Seanse of warmth, churning in my stomach. (Most likely the alcohol)
20-30 minutes after, the intake of my cocktail, I had the onset of the waves brought fourth by the hydrocone syrup. Yet, they were some deal more intense towards the end of each wave, than the last time I chuged this type of syrup.
About an hour past, and my vision seems to be .. vibrating, simotaniusly with the vibrations attacking my skeleton. At this point , I was nodding off pretty hard. which i found to be odd seeming how I can easily take 45mgs of oxie and push the nod into more of a controlled side effect.
Never the less, about an hour and a half in, I had no motor skills, my mind waa still sharp, surprisingly, and i could think every well. In the other hand, words didn't make Seanse coming out if my mouth, and i was berry confused, so ... it's anyone's guess how much brain damage I endured .. any ways I've been sitting in the same spot for about two hours now, and my mind starts racing, probably due to the morning if this adventure, when decided to take half of 4 of my brothers 40 mgs of vivance and shiv it up my nose.
Upper and downer day.
Not my best high, yet not my worst.