Thread: A Quick (and probably simple) Codeine Water Extraction Question

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    A Quick (and probably simple) Codeine Water Extraction Question 

    So I only want to extract 150mg codeine from 5 tablets each containing 500mg paracetamol and 30mg codeine.
    I know the process but I have no idea how much water to use when extracting just 5 tablets?

    Could someone advise me, please,

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    No takers?
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    You may well not bother, 2.5g of acetaminophen will not kill you.

    The recipe I've seen used 1.5mL of boiling water per pill, but be mindful that's meant to be done on 100+pill scale.
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    I have never done this i just like chemistry and if i was to try it prob add 7.5 ml of water at 70-100 c gently swirling for 3 min or so dripping off just about all the liquid. Then repeating two more times with the insolubles washing the filtrate with a addition 7.5 ml by squeezing it 5 times into the 7.5 ml. Then adding it so there is 30 ml of liquid. Cooling to 10 to 20 c in the freezer and then filtering it once more. I would think this would remove most of the apap without loosing any codeine.

    Its alot harder to do with small amounts w.o loosing some. Nd someone whos done can it prob give u better info
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    Thanks for the info, much appreciated. I tried the 5 pills with 1/3 cup (U.S) luke-warmish water last night. Followed the standard extraction process and seemed to work ok. I always crush the pills to a fine powder waiting for them to dissolve.
    I reckon I could get away with using a little less than 1/3 cup and still avoiding the gloop scenario in the filter.

    Thanks again.
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    The reason I guessed at 70-100 c water which is just below boiling is because it drastically increases the rate that cellulose breaks up and the solubility of apap. 1/3 a cup of warm water would contain a significant amount of apap so be careful definitely not safe if u plan on doing big extractions but here your probably safe even if you extracted all the apap so its good practice imo
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    Thanks for that, maybe I'll a tad hotter then.
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    Also if you use water at 70 to 100 c make sure you cool it to 10 to 20 c. The high temperature helps insure all the codeine phosphate is in solution by breaking up the cellulose and preventing clumbing . And the cooling temperature makes the apap leave the solution.
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    Thank you, you've been a great help x
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    I have a friend that took 40 lortab. 32 years old. Dropped dead from liver failure from the acetaminophen. sad
    I use to be able to get perduretas codeine 50mg. I don't like codeine to have tylenol or anything else in them and I like the time release.
    The ones I got years ago were multi-colored. I've searched and searched with no luck. Do they still make these?
    Any help appreciated.
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    Im sure they do somewhere but here in nj ive only seen or even heard of it with apap or promethazine because opioids are the newest thing here since sliced bread
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