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    SO tea discussion 
    for obvious reasons

    my tea opinions

    one, i grew up in the deep south. when i order sweet tea, i am mightly displeased to be served a glass of iced tea and some packets of sugar. sugar does not dissolve in cold liquids you yankee cretins!

    more than one, i'm now civilized and appreciate both british and asian hot teas. american hot teas, by which i mean such things as pomegranate green tea and peach black tea. are blasphemous. the only fruit that goes in tea is black currant or a lemon slice. for japanese tea - hoji cha is a treasure, roasted green tea. although the chinese turn their noses up at it, lapsang souchong, smoked tea, is lovely dark and deep. i can make my own thai iced tea (it's just strong black tea with cardamom, clove and star anise with sweetened condensed milk), but i prefer Cha Ma-Nao ชามะนาว - leave out the milk and add lime juice.

    there are two herbal teas i like - dandelion root and raspberry hibiscus.
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    i have a cupboard full of tea that i drink throughout the day, starting off with a cup of black chai after morning coffee then white tea before lunch, dandelion root in the afternoon, and at night a few cups of my own blend of dried ginger with cloves or anise brewed strong for a nice flavour kick. i'm not even sure i would classify it as tea because it goes down like 80 proof.

    on weekends i'll dabble more in herbal teas like rosehip, milk thistle, lemon balm, chamomile... haven't tried hojicha but it sounds like something i should grab a bag of. tea is basically my water, i enjoy it plain or flavoured, hot or cold as the mood strikes me.

    at the top of my wishlist now is a proper vacuum flask (aka thermos but of better quality) and one of those fancy japanese hot water dispensers that keeps the water at a temperature lower than boiling, which apparently is better for the taste, but i wouldn't know.

    i do have an interesting tea-related trick to share though, picked this up while buying tea at coffeeshops at subway stops where there's no access to lemon or honey: fill 200mg gel caps with ascorbic acid and stevia mixed and carry it in an old painkiller bottle, to flavour a big cup of tea just need to drop in a cap and stir
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