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    [Urgent] Meth glitch 
    I've been going just a little bit hard into meth and after a night of sleeping 4 hours I dosed a decent amount and everything was cool until this really trippy schitzo event happened. I was walking around the room and I teleported when my girlfriend was talking to me; I had lost concsciousness very briefly while was walking and I felt on all levels "The Universe is trying to send you a message". I'd compare it to a floodgate of energy being opened. After this happened I felt my vision become "lighter" and more comfortable. I "was" just starting my binge but... Should I stop? I actually feel like my left lobe is synced up better with my right, like this was beneficial. What was this?

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    The message is: Quit meth now while you still can, and never use it or other drugs again.

    I moved this to other drugs for you. Stay safe. Maybe you should go to a hospital and tell them how you passed out while on meth? You will not get into legal trouble for doing this and for getting checked out. Tell them how you passed out and had a meth hallucination, and are experiencing meth psychosis.
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    Closed as this is a double post

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