Thread: Why would fent ruin your tolerance anymore than anything else?

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    Why would fent ruin your tolerance anymore than anything else? 
    Question has been bothering me..... people do China white which generally is fent and powder.... they think it's heroin. Is there tolerance super fucked too? If you dose fent in small doses why would it be any worse for tolerance than an equipotent dose of heroin.

    Like someone doing 175mg of oxy per day, or someone doing the fent equivalent per day, why would fent mans tolerance be worse?
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    Because it's so strong and wears off much faster, causing more and more redosing which makes tolerance go up.
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    Yes it's super strong, but I said the equivalent to 175mg. So just because fent is stronger does not mean 175mg of oxy's fent equivalent will be stronger. I mean an equal amount.

    X.xx mg fent = 175.xx mg oxy.

    So the fact that it's stronger should not be a problem.

    Now about constant redosing, okay...
    But it's still X.xx mg fent in a 24 hour period vs. 175mg oxy in a 24 hour period.

    I'm trying to see or ask anyway if there is a true difference between EQUAL amounts in EQUAL time periods.

    So does (and I am just asking not trying to sound like a homo) it really make a difference that you have to dose more and that it's stronger.

    Say the guy on the oxy takes 60mg at idk 6am... and he is not due for another dose until 12, so he doses once in those six hours; then fent guy doses the equivalent of 60mg of oxy in fent in 4 different doses in those same 6 hours. Why would It be different?
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    Because it wears off faster, and you have to redose more to achieve the same affect and also raise your dose sooner is why it fucks your tolerance. It's all about the speed of onset and half life of the drug. The Oxy is the same exact way, but it is just on a slower scale because the effects last much longer than fentanyl...So it slows the whole process of tolerance down. I'm very strong opioids with very short half lives like fent redosing happens much faster. I've heard about people having to redose that u4770 every hour just to not start going into withdrawal. U4770 is similar to fentanyl in how it is very powerful but wears off very fast.
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    The oxycodone addict might start going into withdrawal 24 hours after last use, while the fentanyl addict might go into withdrawal 8 hours after last dose. The fact that fent is so strong doesn't really mean that's why it causes tolerance to rise so fastly, it's the fact that you will have to raise your dose very soon and often to achieve the same high. It's the same as any opiate just in fast forward basically.
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    As roxi2873 said, fentanyl has a really small half life and duration of action, so you have to redose quite often and some say fentanyl is the crack of the opioids, meaning you redose every half an hour till it's gone.
    Other than that we don't actually know that much about how tolerance developes, but iirc different opioids can have slightly different mechanisms
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    Indeed thank you all loves
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    It's no worse than oxy or heroin imo, the more you dose the more you need just may happen faster due to the drug and high being so short lived as other members have pointed out.

    All opiate roads lead to hell it's just some paths get you there quicker than others in my experience and opinion.
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    I've wondered about this too. do you guys think the binding affinity of fent numbs the brain to opiates that don't bind as strongly. I know it's a shot in the dark, just a thought.
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    Yes it's due to the affinity
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