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    Qs on postdrug use/long term complications 
    So I've had a real good scare on Coke about 6 months ago where I used perhaps 1 to 1.5g throughout a night out along with a few drinks, and after going home I smoked some Mary and tried to settle down, which only raised my bp and HR to the point where it was pounding my chest for hours, about 3 hours I spent running around the house trying to calm myself down (panic attack) and refused to call 911 as I was afraid of trouble. Eventually after that 3 hours I was able to get myself to sleep after taking 20mg of melatonin and deep breathing. I was sure for a little while I was gonna die. A few days later I had some chest pain and went to the ER and nothing was found but referred to cardio for eval. Following that I was told everything came back okay, but every doctor appt I have, when my vitals are taken my BP is consistently 140+/~80 before that scare my BP usually was ~125/80 (all resting) could that increase in pressure be due to some damage from the drug use? I'm only 21 and am pretty healthy I exercise watch my diet. I was diagnosed with prehypertension at 16 or so. Or maybe is it anxiety? PTSD? I do find myself anxious but not much more than usual unless I smoke cannabis (only thing I've touched since the scare) which I have cut down significantly because of the anxiety from that scare. BTW I used cocaine MDMA and cannabis recreationally for about 2-3 years until last August and I'm 21 now,
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    I'm not a medical professional but a lot of what you are writing about sounds like it could be anxiety or panic attacks. I'm glad you got checked out and had a cardio exam. Sometimes people do get anxiety or panic attacks from cannabis, have you talked about this to your doctor at all? You will not get into legal trouble if you tell them how you use cannabis or about the other drugs you once used. Seeing a therapist may help as well. Good luck.
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    I would agree from personal experience you were having a frightening panic atack- GOOGLE generalized anxiety disorder as well for some personal research I guarentee you will be able to relate too after your experienes
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