Thread: Phenobarbital - has anyone shared my experience?

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    Phenobarbital - has anyone shared my experience? 
    I'm a weird patient/RDU. I work as a private fund manager, a naturally stress-filled occupation, and therefore I present with anxiety symptoms---a low grade anxiety during the day, and panic attacks during periods of high stress at work.

    Benzos - I've tried them all. Only problem is, even the gentle ones like chlordiazepoxide, they put me to sleep. No euphoria to counteract the anxiety, but when I force myself awake, I get symptoms of ataxia. For those of you that don't speak medical, I can't walk straight (or at least as straight as I usually do, which is with a mild limp).

    I decided something had to change, so I legally acquired (aka got a prescription filled for) Phenaemal. Active ingredient phenobarbital 1 1/2 grains. It works. I feel like I've got an IV of hard liquor and I can concentrate to the extent that I can work. The long duration of action is a plus for me; it's what I imagined librium would do, if benzos got along with me. The pheno seems to be just like alcohol, but better!

    The problem is that me and my doctor are stumped. She uses it regularly in her patients and herself for control of epileptic symptoms. I'm not experienced in barbiturate-class drugs for anxiety either. So, I'm curious: any other people who don't get along with benzos? Do barbiturates cut it? Anyone use pheno for symptoms of anxiety and just plain have a good time?
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    I think the fact that it's a very low dosage of phenobarbital enables you to function well at work and sounds like a good solution for you. I've taken phenobarbital years ago and it just knocked me out. I'm going to move this to Basic Drug Discussion.
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    Oh I usually take way more than the suggested 100mgs. The doc said to come by whenever I run out, not whenever the script is due for renewal.
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    Pheno just seems like a little known quantity. I've experimented with drinking injectable veterinary pento solution (equanyl, euthanyl) but I feel like I have to be more careful with that. Pento was taken off the market for humans here a long time ago.
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    they use pheno in the rehabs around where i live for barbituate withdrawl, alcohol withdrawl, seizures, and anxiety- just my 2 cents
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    Hah, give a barbiturate for barbiturate withdrawal? That's original. All joking aside, the rehabs in your area must be experienced in its anxiolytic use.
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    Surprised you think 100mgs is a low dose; they're the highest strength tablets available here, and I usually take a good deal more than one. They're not addictive, I found; I've gone without for a week and didn't feel withdrawals.
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