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    Independent study: experiences with microdosing 
    Hello everybody!

    I am thinking of starting up a small explorative interview study of people who microdose psychedelics.

    What do you microdose? How often, and for how long? What effects have you noticed?

    You can reply to this thread or PM me.
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    You may wish to employ other means to gather your data.

    Are you affiliated with a school or other research entity ?
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    Hi neversick,

    I have been recruiting people at several different fora, so that's ok. Slowly getting there.

    Currently I am basically an independent researcher.

    I'll post my official recruitment letter below. In order to participate you need to "sign" it, which means that you acknowledge having read it and agreeing to its terms.
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    Request for participation in research project: Microdosing Psychedelics

    Background and purpose

    The study examines the practice of microdosing psychedelic drugs. Respondents are recruited through web fora and other internet arenas, with the only criteria for selection being adulthood and experience with microdoses.

    Consequences of participation

    Participants in the study are requested to report on their microdosing practices with psychedelics. You will be asked questions concerning your life circumstances and usage history of psychedelic drugs. Please respond in general terms that cannot be used to identify you as a specific individual.

    What happens to the information you provide?
    All personal information is treated confidentially. Only the author of the project and immediate collaborators will have access to the data, although anonymized selections will be included in research papers for publication. The author guarantees that no participant will be identifiable from any published material.

    The project is scheduled for completion by summer 2017. Correspondence will be preserved indefinitely in anonymized forms for research purposes.

    Voluntary participation

    Participation in the study is voluntary, and you can withdraw your participation at any point without offering any reason. If you withdraw from the project, all information from and about you will be deleted.
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    Good luck. Now you can tell your mom that you are a scientist.
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    She will be so proud!
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    Hi, If you still need volunteers Id be happy to do/answer what I'm capable of. I have experience (Not going to just put it all out here) I am a regular phyconaught and over 18.
    So being said, shoot me a PM?
    Thank you.
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