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    Heating up EPH 
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    How hot would ethylphenidate powder have to get to ruin/change its effects?
    Obviously if certain drugs get too hot they lose their potency, how would this translate to eph?
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    you can vape it so pretty high
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    Quote Originally Posted by white55 View Post
    you can vape it so pretty high
    That's interesting to know. Anyone that can confirm EPH is active when inhaled? Though I don't know what the impact would be on your lungs if you did this often

    Moving this thread to basic drug discussion later since it's not an empathogen. I'm on my phone now, moving threads is a hassle
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    Meh chemspider predicts a melting point of 109 c and boiling point 350 c and a pretty low flash point. I guess it's possible but idk what the vapor pressure of it is and what temperature your reaching. I know if you applying the flame directly into it or mixing it with weed or tobacco it's prob burning up and a waste.
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    Here you go im going to go with your probably wasting it and mine as well take it orally.

    Based on this paper the decomposition of ethylphenidate HCl is around 170c this makes the study of it in a gas phase extremely difficult. Therefore, by extension I'd assume you don't have the time or controlled conditions to smoke it successfully or practically because you'd have to be many fold below its boiling point and only have a range of error of 61 c between it melting and inhaling the vapor which idk if the VP would make it take seconds minutes or hours or days and you decomposing the chemical.
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    Also I'd agree with white that based on what I read of its chemical properties you can probably vape it but I dont See the point because it be hard to know how much u vaped and by the time you vape enough of it you prob would already be feeling it if u just took it orally.
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    Any1 have any opinions on which form of EPH is best in general??
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    Do you mean which acid is used to form the salt citrate acetate ECT? Because that doesn't change eph just alters chemical properties like melting point boiling point ect
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    You can vaporize ethylphenidate, but if it's in a water solution it will hydrolize to ritalinic acid and ethanol. The rate will depend on pH and temperature. So try and keep the pH neutral, don't boil solutions of ethylphenidate in acid or base for long periods of time, and don't store them as solutions for more than maybe a week at room temperature.

    The salt form doesn't matter much for oral usage, however different salts will have different boiling/melting points and some might decompose where others will vaporize cleanly. Generally the HCl salt is best for vaporization... organic salts like the citrate will probably burn/char instead.
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    I meant like is there a difference in strength or duration in the glass (shards) form or powder form my hedgehog always wants to get the most for his money ya know
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