Thread: Buying a Guitar for a 5 year old. Input welcomed.

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    Buying a Guitar for a 5 year old. Input welcomed. 
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    So, for over two years now my son has asked me every now and again to buy him a guitar.

    He's a kid, so at least 60% of his sentences start with "Papa, buy this ****, I need it".

    But he does seem to have a bit of an ear for music, and unlike all the other stuff, he has consistently come back to wanting a guitar.

    So, buy a kid sized cheapo china made guitar and just let him have it?


    Buy a larger one, still cheap, that he can grow into?

    Should I let him hack away it and potentially lose interest quickly as he has a typical modern microscopic attention span?

    Or send him to lessons and risk him being stifled/bored/uninspired by some alcoholic instructor who needs money for that night's pints?

    I can't play guitar myself. I learned a bunch of chords and riffs around seven years ago, but don't have the time to learn now. I remember being my son's age and my foks refusing to buy me a guitar and forcing me to learn penny whistle instead. I don't want to repeat that.

    Players - how did you start. How could your parents have helped/did help?
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    my parents started me on piano when i was little. i hated it, but i'm glad they made me play an instrument. good for development and whatnot. looking back, i don't know why they didn't let me play guitar instead -- which is what i requested and what i ended up switching to.

    if his hands are big enough, i'd look at fender's intro line, squire, or gibson's step-down line, epiphone. i also haven't played in a long time, but 10 - 15 years ago both made cheap, real guitars that could be used for a good bit before the player advanced to the point of wanting something else.

    seems like it would be really hard to learn guitar at five though. maybe that's why i started on piano. how cheap is a toy guitar? because you can get a real one for about $100. half that or less if used. it could be a toy until he's old enough that it's not. i'd hold off on lessons until he's physically able to hold cords and mentally able to focus for a half-hour to an hour, as those won't be as cheap. i'm sure you could show him mary had a little lamb, a basic scale, and a g cord in the meantime.
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