Thread: Why are cigarettes by far the most consumed form of tobacco

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    Why are cigarettes by far the most consumed form of tobacco 
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    I'm just curious why it's cigarettes and not cigars or snuff or chew.
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    Probably just because it's been the most popular way to use tobacco for a long time. Some places in the US I would argue snuff is more popular. Cigars aren't supposed to be inhaled, they're more for the taste.
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    People tend to follow the crowd. This really isn't HR though
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    I use dry rolling tobacco wrapped in a paper towel and don't chew just sit there . Smoking delivers small amounts of nicotine instantly causing a very strong conditioning stimulus reward. Dip acts over like a hour so it's stimulus one hour later . .. reward
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    Extremely aggressive marketing for almost two centuries? Or being extremely inexpensive at one time? Or for an extremely long time people thought they were good for you and healthy?
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    I wanna be cool like joe camel and the malburo man and skinny so I smoke Virgina Slim's so my boyfriend doesn't dump me.

    John Oliver did a show on hbo that's on YouTube on his channel about how tobacco companies aggressively market their products
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    Its an easy, quick hit for those basically hooked on nicotine.

    The other avenues of tobacco, like cigars and pipe tobacco, are more an appreciation/marveling of the product and the work that went into making it. The essence of tobacco, if you will.
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