Thread: Terrible MDMA experience. What drug was this??

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    Terrible MDMA experience. What drug was this?? 
    I recently had a terrible experience on what I was told was MDMA, but it definitely wasn't. I've been trying to narrow down what it might've been but I'm pretty stumped..

    Here's what happened:

    The better Molly I've had has never been as white as what we got. It was a white powder that looked a lot like cocaine mixed with clear rocks yielding more powder. These were definitely not moon rocks. They came in capsules full of rocks which broke down to significantly more than a gram and only cost $40 total. This was a red flag... however, a friend had taken some before and enjoyed himself. Keep in mind, this friend regularly takes ADHD medication.

    I took around 500mg total, dosing every half hour from 4pm to around 12. It tasted bitter but not as strongly as what I've had previously. I took mine orally but my friend snorted some and said it didn't hurt nearly as much as MDMA had in the past. The come up was nice, I felt content and talkative but, red flag number two, I didn't experience any tension in my body. Usually I would insensately grind my teeth and feel a tense, pinching sensation at the back of my neck. None of these things happened. Usually I would want to lay down and stretch out but on this stuff, I wanted to sit up, chat and I wouldn't stop bobbing and moving around regardless of whether music was playing.

    I never felt euphoric and music, light, color, etc. didn't feel enhanced at all. I merely felt content. This feeling persisted for about an hour after my final dose before it started to ebb away. Usually by this time, 7+hours in, I would be rolling face and just want to feel music and colors. This time, I wasn't unhappy, but I didn't feel that serotonin rush at all. My pupils didn't dilate like they always do. My hands were cold and clammy and my face red for hours. One of my friends took it and noticed his heart rate staying way too high for hours. He had to have a beer around 14 hours in to avoid a panic attack. I smoked some pot to ease the come down which relaxed me a little but didn't quell the disappointment about whatever this drug was not being MDMA. I felt this way until it became apparent that I wasn't going to be sleeping. Molly usually effects me in a similar dose for around 8 hours before I can sleep. In total, this stuff kept me awake for 36 straight hours. I tried CBD edibles, beer, Benadryl and Seroquel but nope.

    Halfway through, I started feeling irritable and depressed about not being able to sleep or really do anything. Walking became a difficult task and my face and eye area became very swollen. I finally slept for about ten hours at 4am two days after taking it.

    I definitely think this was a mixture of amphetamines. The effects seem to indicate significantly more release of neuroepinephrine than serotonin or dopamine. I felt clarity but I was not functional, I read about chemistry for ten hours straight out of unfading curiosity but getting up and getting a glass of water was difficult and unappealing. By the second evening of wakefulness, I started to feel depressed and guilty, a typical comedown but there hadn't been a euphoric high at all. After finally sleeping, my head hurts a little but nothing compared to the initial comedown and sleep deprivation period. I feel depressed, confused and stupid. The closest thing I've found online is MDPV But even most descriptions of that include some euphoric and relaxing qualities. None of us felt sexual or wanted to be touched at all. A friend who enjoys and is very functional on cocaine and adderall found this disorienting and was having trouble forming sentences correctly. He also noted social anxiety and was sure we couldn't understand him when he spoke, even if he had said something normal. I only felt anxious when I still couldn't sleep 24 hours in. I would just write it off as cocaine and some other amphetamine, but in the past, that type of thing has made me want to move and explore. This was mental clarity without bodily clarity and, sadly, no increased response to stimuli like I experience on MDMA.

    Any ideas?

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    Pretty good
    Description of what happened. Unfortunately this thread will
    Be closed Bc substance ID is not allowed on BlueLight. Investing in a test kit for
    future will be a tool in your bag
    for helping to narrow what your unknown substance is.

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    You got methamphetamine.


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    Some sort of amphetamine. Probably meth

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    Some sort of stimulant. Nobody really knows, and to guess is not in the name of HR, so I'm closing the thread. Sorry.

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