Hello Bluelight. I live in a dorm with my girlfriend and like to do drugs. However my girlfriend hate drugs and check my stuff for it all the time. Therefore I need some covert way to get the drugs in me covertly. I'm thinking about injecting amphetamine (low dose) and some hash tincture into an Omega 3 gelatine pill, which I take daily. When I like to get high I just take the special Omega 3 pills from the second can. So what stuff do I need to put my drugs in to make it look like an Omega 3 pill? It need to have the same color and dissolve and mix with the Omega 3 to be fully stealth as I cannot empty them fully before injecting drugs.. it will ruin the form of the gelatine cap.

Please don't give answers like "get yourself a crackhead gal and she would let you do your drugs".. I love my gal.