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    Wet Suboxone Strip Observation 
    Hello all, I have looked at more articles than I can count on these forums. And I have benefited greatly from doing so. So thank you! But, until today I had not made an account and posted anything. So I will do my best to return the favor. Wish me luck!
    (Also, do we still do the "Swim" thing?)

    Wet Sub Strip Observation:
    So a few days ago Swim spilled some water on a loose sub strip on his wooden dresser. For the record the dresser has a thick coat of laminate or whatever you call it on it. He did not realize it until today that it had happened and by this point it was already dried up. As you can imagine it was deformed a little bit. But swim refused to just throw it away. Swim tried using a credit card and it just wouldn't come up. Swim then tried peeling it up with a knife and that is when swim observed something strange. The sub was rediculously I'mbedded into the dresser. And After swim spent 20 minutes, swim figured he got as much as he could. With a few fragments of wood as well. And there still is a "ghostly" sub image I'mbedded into the dresser. Swim was then left with a pile of wood shavings and a bunch of very small sub scrapings. So for the future swim will not be leaving loose strips out to be spilled on and turned into some polymorphic gel. Has anyone ever had an experience similar to this?

    Thanks for reading guys!
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    never tried/seen but I do know even with poly coating on your dresser the wood is still semi pourous, thats all i have to add.
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    Welcome to the site - I have moved your post to the relevant section where you will probably get some better and quicker replies.

    Please refrain from using the term 'Swim' or any other third person acronyms.
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    Dude why you realize you could of whiped it off with a few ml of vodka then squeezed the papertowel into water
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