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    help me? 
    I am brand new, and have no idea which category this falls into, but is it possible to IV Ativan?
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    Hi there and welcome to the site

    If your new to forums we have a great 'Greenlighter's Guide' that you can find here. You can inject ativan and I believe it comes in an IV form as well as the tablets made for oral use.

    The problem with the pills is they have a lot of binders and other chemicals that you really don't want to inject. Does the oral or sublingual (under your tongue) route not work ?
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    Iving Ativan pills is not really worth it imo.

    Oral BA is already very high and IVing doesn't cause any extra rush or anything.. Its just instant action.. But benzos hit pretty quick anyway especially sublingual so yea imo not at all worth it.
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    No no no don't shoot pills no matter what . It comes in liquid injectable form I believe .
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