Thread: Scopolamine from Buscopan?

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    Scopolamine from Buscopan? 

    is it true that when I heat up Hyoscine butylbromide i get Scopolamine?

    I read reports where people grind the pills, mixed it with plant oil and heat it up in the microwave and got a delirant trip
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    This reaction might yield scopolamine and/or a range of very potent scopolamine analogs. Better stay away unless you wanna die painfully
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    I don't think so, elimination of the quaternary amine is hard and needs extreme temperatures or conversion to the hydroxide salt (Hofmann elimination), but that won't yield scopolamine

    The conversion of scopolamine to its butylbromide isn't easily reversible, I'm afraid. It may still be deleriant if you take enough of it either by brute force or by dealkylation in the liver by CYP enzymes ... after all scopolamine is really potent, in the single mg scale.
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    It would take a lot. I don't suggest it, but during severe, severe (would otherwise have gone to hospital) GI cramping and vomiting, I've used over 200mg of the butylbromide without side effects other than drymouth.
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