Thread: Going to start taking Lysine and Arginine for stress. Will I see 'gains' as well?

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    Going to start taking Lysine and Arginine for stress. Will I see 'gains' as well? 
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    A simple question. I'm not deficient, I don't think, in either amino.

    Is there information I may have missed in my research of this combination for stress relief and/or muscle gains?

    Have been working out for a while, taking Phenibut, Piracetam, smoking too much nicotine. Taking arginine anyways, at night, to boost GH levels! Have lost 40 pounds in a year and gained some...something. Not bulky muscle but I'm definitely pushing more weights and exercising easier. Anyways...
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    Hey there, a 40lbs loss in 12 months is fantastic, well done! You must feel so much better??

    I can't really think of any synergy between lysine and arginine. Lysine isn't going to do any harm, but probably won't do much positive either unless you have HSV or are vegan. To boost arginine you'd probably be better supplementing with citrulline really (it converts to arginine in kidneys). Arginine may cause of a tiny spike in GH release at rest, but if I had to pick one it would be citrulline for the more prolonged boost to arginine levels.

    You may also find phosphatidylserine useful for stress reduction (well, cortisol reduction), as well as glycine for improving sleep. Most of these supplements don't really have stellar research behind them so it can be a bit of a speculative game unfortunately.
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    If taking arginine watch out for cold sores (herpes/HSV) if you're prone. It can induce them. L-lysine, alternatively, can diminish them.

    By the way, I've tried taking L-lysine to 1. enhance benzos and 2. alleviate stress. I personally found it ineffective for either.

    It does help to reduce coldsores though.
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