Thread: PLEASE HELP!! Question about my coil and a bonus story and best drug combo for vape.

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    PLEASE HELP!! Question about my coil and a bonus story and best drug combo for vape. 
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    Okay so first I am telling you guys my vaping question so you guys dont have to read the story on how it happened and everything and the best drug combination that I found out that makes vaping so good. Anyways here's my shortfened question.

    Okay so basically I was vaping on my Wismic rx200 and a Smok TFV8 with the T8 V8 (the most powerful Smok coils) at about 155 watts. I took a drag and my dumb ass didn't realize I had been chain vaping so much (from the drug combo I discovered that goes good with vaping down below) and I had took a hit thag tasted like coil and I had no juice in my tank. Basically I guess what I am asking is since I took just one small dry burnt hit on 155 watts will my coil be ruined or can I let it soak and it'll be good to go?

    Well as promised here's the story of how it happened and the best vaping drug combo and my setup!

    Basically I have been taking Vyvanse a lot lately like 80mg to 120mg a day and smoking weed with that just puts you in lazer focus transe and throughout the time I do this I love to vape! My set up, a Wismic Reuleuax rx200 and a Smok TFV8 with the lowest ohm coils (highest wattage) and I usually vape my 60 / 40 VG / PG and 6mg Nicotine Skittles (mainly grapish tasting) juice at about 155 to 160 watts almost non stop it seems like throughout the day on these Weed and Vyvanse binges. I usually am able to catch when my tanks low and have a bottle of juice but this drug combo makes you not realize time very good and it goes by so so fast. Many times I have came close (no juice) left in tank and caught it and filled it up but today I was so baked and stimmed out from the Vyvanse that I went to take a drag a second ago and it tasted burnt and I immediately put juice in. I have taken like 5 hits and have a small little burnt coil taste to them. Anyways I guess what I am asking is if it soaks a little will the burnt taste go away or did just one single burnt hit totally fucked my coil. Thanks for your time!!
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    That is a high wattage to burn a wick at.. if it's not tasting good after a few rips I would put a new coil in before you ruin the juice you have in your tank.. I would actually just change the wick out after seeing it burn but I'm particular about flavor.
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    I chain vape a lot too and think Im gona move to rda so i can just change the cotton in your situation. As mentioned might be toast if it doesnt taste good anymore.
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    I did this with my Baby Beast (ie: but the wattage up to about 170W just to see the vapor output) and didn't even realize my coil maxed out at 110W -_- Burnt the cotton on the coil, but since the whole thing wasn't actually bad it was fine. Just looked bad.haha. But if its not tasting good after a good soak I'd say replace it 👍
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    Oh god I clicked on this thread as I thought you were talking about the contraceptive coil & I thought I might be able to help. Not a vaper though, sorry. TAXI!
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