Thread: Any Drug that stops Testosterone shutdown while taking Exogenous Test?

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    Any Drug that stops Testosterone shutdown while taking Exogenous Test? 
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    Are there any drugs that could prevent your natural shutdown of Testosterone when you are taking an exogenous source?

    I don't have enough knowledge of the mechanisms that would be involved, but hypothetically why/why not could a drug like this be made?
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    There is hCG and various combinations of LH/FSH that can, in the strictest sense, maintain some kind of testosterone output from the testes. This won't necessarily prevent damage to or downregulation of the HPTA though, meaning that primary and secondary hypogonadism will probablly remanifest as soon as those compounds are stopped.

    In other words, you can only maintain a superficial facsimile of a functioning HPTA while on exogenous AAS.
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