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    Come get your Sherlock on!! 
    Hi all,

    So, iv recently gotten back into RC's.... took a break for a few years. Made 3 orders so far and my 2nd and 3rd order have been ...puzzling:

    Note: I am mostly hunting for good dissos. K is probably my FDAT (“Favourite Drug of All Time")

    1) Succesfully ordered U-44770:

    -Its pretty good imo.
    -Slight jonesing after peaks (is its main negative).
    -I would order it again.

    2) ordered 3-MeO-PCP (Substance “x”) from "vendor #2" (this is 1st Sherlock moment.... i.e. mystery #1):

    -Allergy tested then started at 5mg (nasal).
    -No effects were produced so I upped nasal doses
    gradually over 1hr 45min
    (reaching a maximum of 40mg nasal)
    -Gave up on Substance “x” @ T+1:45
    -Total amount consumed = 150mg
    -Thought I had a first alert at one point but it must
    have just been placebo.

    3) ordered Flubromazepam, 5F-Cumyl-Pinaca, and MXE from "vendor #2":


    -The bags were labelled "1", "2", and "3" (time for Sherlock moment #2… i.e. mystery #2)
    -Undercut on all 3 substances (about -10

    Substance “3”

    -Rocky/big white crystal (is it a freebase?)
    -Hard to break off small “crystals” it tends to powderize
    when you attempt to chip it apart (does this mean it is not
    a freebase but a salt?)

    Substance “2”

    -Powdered milk consistency
    -Yellowish white

    Substance “1”

    -Very fine white crystals

    Testing/identification of "1", "2", and "3":

    -Began with allergy testing then vaping small amounts of each. I was overly cautious because of expected dose discrepancies between the 3 (i.e. I suspected the Cumyl to be active in the 1-2mg range unlike the others)
    -"Identified" the Cumyl as substance “2”
    -Identification based on anxious reaction due to vaping... similar to an effect expected from vaping a high dosage of THC.
    -"Identified" the Flubromazepam as substance “1”
    -Identification based on lack of reaction mostly (based on drug’s supposed profile).
    -Can feel the 25mg slightly now at T+3hrs… I’m slightly benzo’d.

    -Decided to “zero in” on the “MXE” (substance “3”) as this was what I was most interested in experiencing.

    -at the beginning of the substance “3” trials I had consumed what was expected to be 25mg Flubromazepam, a few mg’s of vaped 5F-Cumyl-Pinaca, and a few beers/spliffs.

    Substance “3” trials:

    5:24pm (T=0) – 20mg nasal
    5:29 - 30mg oral
    -Slight nausea and feel some alerts but not sure what this is yet
    5:45 - 30mg oral
    -Begin to notice teeth clenching (reminds me of
    when I used to abuse MDMA 20 years ago). The
    feelings I am experiencing (from this substance) are
    neither pleasant nor negative, so I decide to continue
    to explore it.

    6:02 – 25mg – oral
    6:16 – 30mg – rectal
    6:26 – 30 nasal
    6:34 – 30 – oral
    6:46 – 50mg – nasal
    6:53 – 50mg – nasal
    7:28 – 70mg oral + 35mg nasal
    7:37 – 35mg – nasal
    8:10 – 60mg nasal
    9:23 – 100 oral
    9:54 -10:12 - 90 nasal
    11ish - 50 vaped (not successful) + 30mg nasal
    11:55 - Gonna stop here I guess
    (dont want to experience an mdma-esque comedown)
    Total amount of substance “3” = 770mg

    Description of substance “3”:

    -I guess substance “3” is an amphetamine/mdma analogue or wtv I’m pretty disappointed…I don’t really enjoy stims other than my abuse of mdma years ago.
    -The effects are not bad just not my cup of tea.
    -I keep redosing… probably out of boredom since I
    am trying to take it easy on the U-47700 (consumed 7
    grams in the last 3 weeks).
    -I really wanted a disso. (it has been years since I
    -Drug effects: Not a negative effect profile (wouldn’t
    classify it as positive either though) but definitely
    not a dissociative.
    -probably some kind of stimulant (which
    can be dosed very high as I have consumed over
    2/3 gram since the beginning of the trials this evening).
    -Teeth clenching probably more pronounced than typical user
    due to mdma abuse in the past. Feels quite moreish.. I
    keep dosing it.
    -There is no legitimate euphoria to speak of at these
    -I suspect 500mg at once would produce some euphoria
    (based on what I have learned about this substance’s effect
    -produces a “rolling” feeling
    -no mental/emotional/social/psychedelic affect (that
    can really be distinguished) but a pleasant body buzz
    (unless I am getting the muscle relaxation from the 25mg
    -possibly a slight visual “warmth” effect
    -nausea can get quite intense (was on the verge of
    puking a few times)
    -more mdmaish than speedish… quite mellow really.
    -I am not sure how I make this assertion as there is
    not an entactogen feel to the substance (although I
    am currently alone). But I feel relaxed and slightly
    “rolly” more than stimmed (so that is why I make the
    assertion I suppose). I am more experienced with "downers" (rather than "uppers")

    -vendors are Chinese (that’s where I live)
    -vendor #2 consistently has given me (small)
    undercounts (approx. 90% of expected weight)
    -This disso. hunt is getting kinda annoying

    -I am trying to figure out what was actually sent to me from a Chinese vendor (was supposed to be MXE and 3-MeO-PCP). I am currently at a 50% error rate (just an estimate - since non-analytic testing procedures were used) in RC receipt accuracy from China (100% error rate if only looking at RC dissos!). I heard 20% error is common (from China) but 50% jesus!!

    So what do you guys think?

    Thoughts on substance”x”?

    -I am considering a large oral dose of it

    Thoughts on substance “3”?

    -I would do a larger initial dose next time (maybe

    Sorry for the long post (I am a noob poster ) but I wanted to be as accurate as possible and include all relevant details.

    I have been editing this post/thread for more than the last 2 hours it appears… jesus!!! (must be a drug effect). I just realized I started trials 5 hours ago and haven’t had a cigarette or a sip of my beer. This is very out of character for me as I am a chain smoker and drink 12+ beers every day.

    Thanks for reading all!
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    We don't do substance ID here - it could be literally anything. Send it off to ecstacydata if you really want to know. Sorry you got ripped off by the sounds of it.

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    I would just like to chime in and say 3-meo-pcp is more potent when taken orally over nasally. It is one of my all time fav disso's. Dosage can be tricky and unforgiving. Tread carefully

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    Sorry, but as has been mentioned, we do not engage in speculative discussions relating to substance ID on bluelight.
    If you really did attempt to differentiate between unknown bags of powder by bioassay (ie consuming them) - all i can say is that this is an extremely risky practice, and something that should not be encouraged in any way.

    The only truly reliable way to know what your drugs are is with lab testing, preferably GC/MS. Other methods (such as regeant testing) may give an indication of what substances are, but i suspect that for many of the newer novel psychoactives, there may not be enough information available to know what sort of regeant test reactions to expect.

    Also, i need to make it very clear that vendor discussion is strictly prohibited on bluelight.
    While you're not quite crossing the line of what is acceptable, it does need to be mentioned, because any vendor discussion is strictly forbidden (whether it is talk about good vendors, bad vendors or merely average vendors - the best approach is to refrain from discussing them altogether.

    The same goes for websites that openly link to, and discuss, sources of drugs. I have edited that mention from your post.
    We also kindly ask that you not cross-post duplicate threads from other sites. Because we don't do any form of substance ID at bluelight, this thread really isnt suited to this forum.

    Sadly, i don't think that leaves us much to work with here, so i'm going to have to close this.

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