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    Help pmTren ace and test cyp 
    I just recently started a cycle of tren ace and test cyp takin 500 mg of each a week takin one injection of test cyp once a week of 500 and tren eod equalling to 500 mg a week also.. I've been at it 2 weeks but I sorta got a problem with my dick I get hard when I with a chick but it's hard to maintain it hard and have sex can any one help what else can i take while on the cycle I got Clomid for pct but not takin nothing else on cycle with my stack I'm new to this so plz help me out
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    Welcome to BL. There are other drugs you could take, however the first thing to try is halving the dose of the tren - it's better to have more test than tren in a cycle. That should get things back to normal.
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    Tren can increase prolactin which can negatively effect erection quality.

    And as CFC said, I too always keep my test dose higher than Tren. Some people will argue but I believe it is relative to the individual. Some say having tren higher decreases side effects, but in my experience that's not the case. It makes logical sense to me that if you're on something as suppressing as Tren that you would want Testosterone to be higher. I also see no need with my goals to run Tren any higher than 300mgs/week. This limits most of the negative sides from it.
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    Get some caber. Intense is right about the prolactin build up but I'm against the higher test to tren ratio. My Tren dosage is higher than my Test. I figure Tren is the more powerful drug, why have so much Test in your system compete with Tren for the receptors. As long as I'm taking cabergoline, junior seems to work fine (knock on wood!). Sometimes a little too fine for my partner and I'm an older person too (mid 40s).
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