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    Marijuana post exercise 
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    Strange question, what do we know of positive/negative effects of Marijuana post workout..?
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    I'm sure I remember reading papers implying both positive and negative - eg cortisol down but also test down etc.

    Personally I wouldn't want the munchies, I get hungry enough as it is.
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    My thinking is if you are on AAS or TRT then smoking can be beneficial, reduce stress, increase appetite/pleasure, relax muscles. As one wouldn't need to worry so much on the negative effect on estro/test. But if you're natural I would stay away from marijuana for the most part.

    I'm not sure if there are any studies supporting that marijuana increases e2 etc. but I believe I remember reading something about that, and in some individuals it can lead to decreased motivation, although it doesn't effect me in that way. But I am also on trt and my hormones are pretty much optimal.

    Personally, I wouldn't want to blast things like tren without marijuana in the evenings for the insomnia and sometimes lack of appetite I get from it. There's always benzos but they are a worse option IMO and also do nothing for my appetite.
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    Anecdotally, for obvious reasons it is a lot easier to incorporate it into my (natty) bulks than my (natty) cuts, though there is an egotistical/inquisitive element to seeing yourself shredded in the mirror while under the influence of this or that. But the surplus I need during a bulk is uncomfortably high and weed does help with that. So it's an adherence thing at times...hitting my food targets daily is easier with weed, and hopefully that is still a net positive when considered with T/E or whatever other negative arguments there are.

    If I am still feeling a pre-workout, though, I won't smoke, as pairing those would make me really anxious. Weed is like the only drug I ever use any more as well, so I do like having that in my life.
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