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    HGh help / advise 
    Hey hoping for some advise from someone experienced on hgh. So to try and give a quick summary I want to give hgh a try for the first time ever. I am currently 29 years old male , 5foot 7 205 lbs 10% BF. I have a BS in exercise science and NSCA CPT. Have been working as a full time personal trainer for 5 years now. First started getting serious about bodybuilding when I was 18 , so that's 11 straight years of experience with a bodybuilding routine / split / way of resistance training. First time I touched any kind of gear was when inwas 23 didn't know much about it then so did 50mg/day dbol for 6 weeks , awesome gains in size. Then did a 8 wk run of Anavar , loved this oral 50mg per day no problems. Then when inwas 25 years old Did my first cycle of test. Ran cypionate for 8 weeks 1inject per week 1cc/300mg. My friend gave me good solid safe advise and told me do test only bc if your body responds poorly and your taking multiple. Things you won't know what caused it plus 1cc/300mg per week is all inneed for first time and he was right awesome gains. So since then I've been running various cycles and feel like I've gained a lot of knowledge about orals and oils . So injust started a cycle 600mg test cyp/wk 300mg deca / wk and gona do 50mg dbol per day for 30 days. So is is safe to add in hgh to this cycle ? Also how many ius should I start at inwas thinking 2ius twice per day (4ius/daybtotal) is this a good starting dose and what kind of side effects / results should I expect ? ( inknow hgh is a slow process and I plan on doing it sub-q for 6 months ) thoughts ?
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    Hi there. I recommend you don't frontload with dbol - read this first. It's fine to add in the GH, split dose is also good. 4iu of generic is solid for a beginner. You may not notice any sides, but often a bit of water retention and some nerve issues (eg carpal tunnel) can happen. It's not permanent though, and you can lower the dose if it really bugs you.

    In terms of results, it's impossible to say as you're combining it with AAS. For most people GH isn't really worth it on a cost-benefit ratio - eg an extra cardio session or two per wk will lower bodyfat as much or more, and GH will have a very incremental effect on LBM gain even taken for years continuously. It's fun to play around with for a while though, just to see how you respond.
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