Thread: Meth is just a hype drug and a waste of money?

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    Going off what Mikeey was saying, I've had a very similar experience. I've never plugged or IV'd meth, but I found the effects to vary very noticeably depending on whether you eat/snort/smoke. Loosely speaker, the "weaker" the ROA (ie. slower effect/lower bioavailability), the more it seems to provide a "body high" feeling and a speedy stimulation, while the "stronger" the ROA, the more it tends toward a headrush type high, more fiendish and euphoric but with less of the "get up and go" effect.

    Eating would give a strong, driving body buzz, while smoking was mostly the euphoric headrush feeling but with no physical urge to get up and move (in fact it often made me almost lazy - lounging around just smoking pipes without actually doing anything). Snorting was a good compromise, euphoric but also energetic, which made it my favorite ROA back in my early rave days (also convenient in venues).

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    Ive tried Meth a few times, maybe 6 times, and it never has appealed to me. The last time I tried it I didn't mind it as it made me quite horny and im certain it released serotonin as it felt similar to a small dose of MDMA at times, licking my lips, feeling a little loved up and pulling duck faces. Possibly 4MAR which Ive heard is sometimes sold as Meth in Aus and does release serotonin?

    Still not a drug that interests me enough to actively seek it out.

    Not dick sizing but the dopamine rush and horn from smoking MDPV makes meth feel like a couple of redbulls
    Serotonergic, MDMA-esque effects are common the first few times you use meth, but they stop occurring very quickly with regular consumption. I didn't find 4-MAR to be all that much like MDMA, if anything it felt a little less serotonergic than meth, but also a lot cleaner and longer lasting (too long, imo, would recommend never consuming 4-MAR without something on hand that will let you sleep, or you'll end up still rolling around in bed trying to pass out 18 hours after your last toke).
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    IV oddly enough is one of the most long-acting meth shot of meth lasts a loooong time.
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    Sounds like you got some blink shit
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crankinit View Post
    I found meth to be an acquired taste. The first few times I used it, it was just a quick rush, followed by a large energy boost for the next 6 hours or so. It was only after I'd been using it for a while that I started getting a euphoric high from it in itself.
    I definitely agree it is an acquired taste, having tried meth on many occasions through multiple routes of administration (never IVd and don't plan to though), I found it to be nothing more than an energy boost that lasted forever. Not what I look for in a drug, even stimulants like cocaine don't hit me the way it hits my friends. I think it's just my brain type and the fact that I value going to sleep far too highly that turns me away from anything of the sort. My advice to anyone looking to experiment; if it doesn't tickle your fancy the first time, put it down and walk away.
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    You build up a tolorance to it extremely fast. And the high only lasts a short while. The intense high at least. It's very easy to blow lost of money on and, the come down and withdrawl is terriable. I agree best to avoid it.
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