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    Possibly hit an artery!!!! 
    Okay im not sure if this is the right place to post this ive never posted anything before. About 6 hours ago i shot one bag of heroin into the crook of my arm. My hand IMMEDIATELY burned like hell. I pushed the plunger down so quick the entire shot got in. About 30 seconds later my hand swelled up and hives were all on the underside of my forearm. About 10 minutes later the swelling was much better and the hives were just about gone. I took a benadryl thinking i had an allergic reactiin to a cut in the dope. I didnt feel very high but my pupils were smaller. Now, 6 hours later my hand still hurts and noticeably swollen. I canfeel a pulse at the injection site. So ive done some research and my question is did i hit an artery? If so what should i do? Ive shot up in this arm literally thousands of times but i shot a little below where the scar is. Im really nervous please help!!
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    My fingers are swollen and puffy and warm to the touch. Theres also some pain even though ive had about 4 bags of decent heroin. What can i do to help it?
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    It's possible you hit an artery but more likely you missed or went through the vein. Did you try icing the area?

    You may want to read this helpful link:
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    Any numbness? Sounds kind of like an artery hit to me. They are pretty unmistakable.

    I've never had one on the crook of elbow tho. So I can't testify to that. Trust your instincts.. Arteries head to The extremities so if your hand is hurting or numb and you notice any dark colored skin around your fingers with no feeling then its definitely an artery shot. That is the worst case scenario, dry gangrene. Look It up.

    I had a bit of dry gangrene after hitting an artery on my wrist. I only got max 5 units in before I had to rip the needle out due to pain. Was swelled and numb for a couple days with dry gangrene on the tips for a couple weeks.

    When in doubt go to the ER. I Dont suggest that lightly either. There is nothing they can do about dry gangrene really but you want to do everything possible when facing amputation.

    I'm Not a doctor. N I don't want to freak you out, imo you'll be alright.. But artery hits are no joke. Especially a whole rig full of shit.

    Did u micron filter?
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    Go to the hospital or ER. Tell them what happened, your symptoms, how you injected drugs, where you injected, which drug(s) you used, etc. You will not get into legal trouble for doing this. Stay safe.
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    It could be an artery, but to me it sounds more like a missed shot. A few things to think about - did you get a flash? If so, was the blood dark red or more like a lighter red or pink ish color? I have heard that the latter is a sign of possibly hitting an artery. If I were you I would keep an eye on it for the next day or so. The symptoms you are describing used to happen to me when I was using and I missed or went through the vein. Hope it heals well.
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    Back in the 70s I was rooming with a friend who liked H. He was on and off and a pretty good guy, a friend. One day however I came home and the genius had tried shooting into his corotid artery. Needless to say I ended up having to take him to the ER. No matter what, no matter how much pressure applied... whenever I removed it, there would be a pin stream of blood shooting out of his neck with his heart beat. I don't remember what they said or did, I don't remember much from the 70s. Heck, I don't even remember if he got off good but I know he didn't try it again. SO... if you hit an artery you WILL squirt a little stream of blood in time with your heart beat so best to stay calm LOL. Like that's going to happen! If it ain't squirtin' it ain't an artery. They have pressure on them.
    The veins in my left arm are still hiding from all the different stuff I put in them. I have good veins in my right arm though!
    Be careful with IV. I survived some really stupid stuff like banging a few cc of water from boiling about 2.5 pounds of pot stems with a little Tetley added... (moron, I know). I got a fever of about 103 for a few hours and couldn't get off the sofa. God had His mercy out that day, like most days. That was the same sofa I laid on after 16 purple microdots... took 4 every two hours, last 4 my eyes started to do like a slot machine, scenes from my life flying by, top to bottom like a slot... 30 minutes later I was DOWN... straight! Didn't do that again either. Strange daze...
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    I think you should definitely go to the emergency department. They will tell you definitively (one would hope) what the problem is and if it requires attention. If you don't want to do that, keep us posted on the level of swelling, tenderness etc. If it is getting worse and not better, you should go to the hospital. People lose limbs over injection mishaps.

    It doesn't sound like a typical artery hit to me, but it's so difficult to accurately assess these things over the internet. Like I said, keep us posted on your condition!
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