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    Meth Binge- 3 days 
    I know this girl who started doing Meth about 6 months ago...she started by snorting it until one of her friends showed her how to smoke it. She usually will smoke what she has in about 3 days. During those 3 days she is up almost all night and day maybe getting 2-4 hours of on and off sleep each day. Would this be what they call tweaking? Or would that be only if you did not sleep at all for the 3 days?
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    Yes that is a binge or run on meth or being high on meth which is called tweaking. Stay safe.
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    Been down this road. 3 days quickly turns into a year and your body and brain take a hell of a beating. As stated, be safe. The subjective high is very seductive and compels you to redose, though never actually reaching the euphoric high you initially did. Chasing the high leads to days or use, hence "tweaking".
    With this can come a host of physical and psychological issues, more so psychological is my experience. Symptoms in line with psychosis - arythmia, hypertension, auditory ans visual hallucinations, delusional thought patterns, break from reality and much more. My advice if you choose to do this is to ensure you stay hydrated and intake calories throughout the using period.
    Have something on hand for sleep when it's over and pass out. take vitamins and keep hydrating/ eating.
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    What if the person tried to stop , it works for a few days maybe a week , then starts to feel fat because she eats more then before so starts over. Sounds confusing sorry.
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    If you're simply trying to clarify American drug-slang, Google would probably be a quicker answer than our boards. Tweaking, among a myriad of uses of the word, implies somebody who has either used too much Methamphetamine in one sitting and is in one of the varying stages of psychosis or a user of Methamphetamine who has gone for too long without sleeping. It implies a breakdown of their executive function and their ability to reason.

    I've never been a true stimulant addict, so I'm not going to make a ton of commentary on the issue, but I know that your functioning will begin to break down rapidly if you don't sleep a little bit each day. Even 3 hours is substantially better than nothing so long as it is actual sleep. A good rule when using stimulants is to not go on multi-day binges. Many of us are addicts and we're all succeptible to compulsive patterns of use, so sometimes, it can be helpful to have a sedative handy for that period of time when you're not high anymore but can't go to sleep.

    Instead of using more Amphetamines, you can sort of abort the trip and with a little luck, that can turn into a full-night's sleep.
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    I'm telling you this from experience, I'm on day 27 of using everyday, stop and take a break. You don't want to get to the point I'm at right now. I have spent most of this time awake than asleep. I got sleep at the beginning but now I sleep maybe three hours every other day. Everything hurts. I'm not joking. Every inch of my body aches. I have horrible mood swings and I look like shit. I rarely got acne, but I started breaking out. I didn't want to stop because of the weight thing too and sure I dropped a few lbs but feeling like this isn't worth it.
    I'm not saying that I'm quitting, I definitely will continue using. I just know that I won't ever let myself get to this point again and you shouldn't even go there.
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    Thank you, for your kindness.
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    This person was getting way over tired, she had to stop for a few days...was about to just say forget it all the money she could save, she could sleep normal,not try hiding her habit ....and then the phone rings ...hey are you looking? Oh man!! She was about to stop!! Oh well what's one more 50 bucks spent....three days later needs 50 more seems to never end.
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