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    does morphine lower test like oxy 
    I used to workout on morphine made good gains even when I didnt take steroids for 5months I kept most of my gains and I only ever took a low dose of steroids 1-2ml a week of test about 400mg test a week sometimes lower.
    Anyway soon as I got on oxy I got all the low test symptoms same if I shoot heroin I only do it once a month dont neven want to anymore cos I feel shit for bout a week.
    Even though I was taking all my morphine in one go back then it never stopped me weight lifting, soon nas I got on oxy my life went downhill loads since being back on morphine I feel better and starting to sort my shit out.
    Anyway if taking my morphine at 30mg extended 30mg oral instant every 12hours and start a good weightlifting program I always do squats deadlifts and bench they increase test will morphine keep my test low or will the weightlifting keep it normal.

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    Hi, I'm going to move this to Performance Enhancing Drugs and you may get some responses. Wish you luck!
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    Yes, it can lower your endogenous testosterone levels, but if you are taking testosterone via injection then you already shut down your natural test level. The testosterone that you are supplementing with will keep you where you want to be.
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    Your test is likely to be affected, and that won't be reversed by the training. But you can still gain mass and condition regardless. So keep lifting.
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