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    First time etizolam questions 
    Hi everyone. I am fairly new to benzos and i ve been using xanax and clonopin occasionally for relaxation and adderall comedown. 1mg is a good dose forthe comedown. 2mg would be a good recreational dose but doeant mess me up in any way.

    Recently my 'plug' that supplies me with real prescription bars stopped replying to me. I decided not to get involved with darknet and order some RCs. I did my research and found that etizolam would be the most similar to xanax legal substance. However i still have a few questions about it and i would really appreciate if you guys could answer them

    1) whats the real conversion of xanax to etizolam. I read both thats its 1:1 and that 0.5mg xanax = 1mg etizolam. Whats the real conversion?

    2) is it as good as xanax for speed comedown? I read that some people found it ineffective.

    3) how is it different from xanax in both good and bad way? I've seen people say that its more euphoric and makes them wanna redose more.

    4) how effective is it for anxiety compared to xanax?

    5) how fast does etizolam tolerance build? Again, i ve heard 2 opinions. Some people say it builds much faster than benzos, and some studies say that its the opposite..

    Thank you very much for everyone that took their time to read this and respond to my questions! Everyone is welcome to share their experiences with etizolam
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    My experience with etizolam is that there is a very fine line between a good buzz and a blackout. With etiz I keep eating it because I dont think I feel it, then bam black out city. Of the rc benzos I strongly prefer clonazolam. Its incredibly strong and I can take .5 to 1 mg and be good all day.
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    one more question: does nicotine (pure nicotine, not tobacco) reduce the effect of etizolam and xanax?
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    I've never noticed nicotine reducing a benzo buzz. I vape, and its extremely satisfying when on benzos.
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    G_dan1, I find with etizolam/xanax less is better. If you over-do it then your tolerance will skyrocket quickly. My experience is like oxlong sort of with vaping, it keeps me from falling asleep on these.
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