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    Hydroxyzine as a potienator 
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    When do you take hydroxyzine to potienate hydrocodone? Hour before? At the same time? Or after? I hear it mentioned often that hydroxyzine is a great potienator but never hear how to take it with opiates.
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    We normally give advices so whatever you do is less harmful instead of the opposite. Using hydroxyzine will just make you more sleepier and depending on the dosage or the quantities you have that could make your breathing rhythm decrease. It doesn't make anything better.
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    as mentioned above, hydroxyzine tends to synergize more than potentiate, but i would take it a 30-60 minutes before.
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    In the future you might want to reframe your question more towards how it can reducing something harmful about hydrocodone. Or what are the risks of taking Hydroxyzine with hydrocodone. Not quite obvious harm reduction but still much further from "will I get higher if I take this and this".

    Anyway to answer your question the primary benefit of hydroxyzine would be a histamine blocker.

    I take like hydroxyzine but with a few major differences I take a antihistamine diphenhydramine not for any recreational benefit but to reduce nausea vomiting and flushing which significant detract from my quality of life.

    Hydroxyzine also acts at 5ht2a receptors as a antagonist which might have a antianxiety effect but not one like benzodiazephines or opiates where it's obvious but rather a measurable increase in rats are whiling to spend in a unfamiliar maze.

    In short if opiates can cause mast cells to release histamine causing some people issues with complying with their meds. This is dose dependent and if you are not flushing or nauseous histamine blockade will not likely do much.

    It may additionally be useful ESP with a antianxiety medication like a SSRI as a prn instead of benzos partly due to 5 ht2a antagonism and partly due to blocking histamine

    It may be significantly easier if nauseous and flushing occurs to stay awake in the day versed other antiemetic drugs like diphenhydramine
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    I would highly recommend taking both substances separately, to see how you react before trying both at the same time. I've tried this combo quite a few times in the past with hydrocodone, oxycodone and even Kratom. It works fairly well, keep your opiate doses low to begin with and try 1 25mg hydroxyzine pill no more, and if you do ok with the low dose of opiates you can slowly increase it to the level you would like. Just be careful and don't overdo it, it's a good combo but don't be stupid about dosage.
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