Thread: Oxycodone starting dose for mildly tolerant Vicodin user?

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    Oxycodone starting dose for mildly tolerant Vicodin user? 
    New member here and my question is that I have recently acquired 15 5mg oxycodone hcl. I do Vicodin about once a week, and I usually take about 25-30mgs to get a good chill going. I know oxycodone is stronger but I'm not sure how much exactly, and I would like to know what the bluelight users think a good starting dose would be for me? Would 10 or 15mgs be enough? Thanks to all who answer.
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    The general rule is that Oxycodone is ~1.5x stronger than Hydrocodone. You will be fine starting as high as 20mg if you're used to 30mg of Hydrocodone.
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    i would go 15-20...10-15 will be good but it might not be quite there...the 1.5 strength comparison is pretty much the only conversion i can personally agree with.
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    Thanks both of u for answering. I decided to do 15 mg first to be safe and I got a pretty good high but I think 20 would've definitely been more enjoyable. Guess I'll just have to do that dose next time
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