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    Subutex dose 
    I have a white pill round, white, with 54 411 on it. D it put it under my tongue to dissolve, or just take it?
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    They are administered sublingually, so leave under tongue. The veins directly under the tongue will be responsible for transporting the chemical(s) to the brain effectively and obviously is the only recommended route of administration for that prescription.
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    54 411 is Subutex, in case you potentially didn't know.
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    dont take bupe without a tolerance...its asking for trouble...i have a 75-100mg oxy tolerance and 2mg of sub had me puking for 36 imagine being carsick for a day and a half...and it takes forever to kick in even if you snort it so its very easy to think nothings happening and then BOOM!!!

    be careful man
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    Rebecca, more information is needed. I agree with above post- if you have no tolerance to this drug, it can make you very ill. Be careful taking pills that aren't prescribed for you!
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    Couple things. If by just take it you mean swallow it then no. It's supposed to be sublingual.

    The veins under the tongue don't really matter, all mucous membrane which is the entire mouth will absorb it.

    N yea.. Do you have an opiate habit? If so how big . it's probably too late.. U probably already took it .. But yea would be good if u could provide those details.
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    I took a full 'subby' 2mg back before I was even acquired to opiates. Was really drunk, on a night out and a friend gave me it and told me it was MDMA.

    Took it and felt fine, as for being nauseous. Fucked me up though, it's a really strong drug.
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    DO NOT take it orally, as in swallowing it.. Bupe is not meant to be done that way, sublingual is what its designed for.. I used to take them that way, I have been on 'Tex for almost 6 years now.. And I agree with above posts, saying do not take the subutex if you have no opioid/opiate tolerance, or even if yours is very low, and you don't actually NEED the sub, like you aren't dopesick or anything that people would really need sub for, like being in opiate withdrawl or to get off of opiates/opioids.. If you must, take it under the tongue or plug it (administer it in liquefied form through an oral syringe, into the anus), those are the two "safest" and least harmful ways of taking bupe.. Sniffing works well too, but is not good for your nose or your body in general.. so I wouldn't, even though I used to all the time.. The best is plugging, it is nearly as powerful as IV(which has ~100% BA) is, without being so harmful to you and your body.. IMO it works best that way.. but yeah, also keep the dose very low.. like 2mg or less, meaning since you have an 8mg subutex, just take less than a quarter, again only if you really feel you need/want to... don't recommend it, if you aren't planning on taking it to get off of full agonist opioids or if you are opioid naïve.. You will most likely feel be throwing up for hours from it being such a potent partial agonist opioid, as it is very powerful.. just doesn't feel AS powerful to those of us, who take it daily for maintanence etc.. or take full agonist opioids/opiates regularly.. Just wanted to put my 2 cents in.. and that's it! Be safe, be careful, be smart!
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