Thread: Lost memory (small seizure?)

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    Lost memory (small seizure?) 
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    I woke up VERY refreshed, feeling GOOD first time in a week, and thought it was Friday morning. It was Thursday night.
    I don't remember how I went to sleep, I see I must were listening to music because the cell phone is connected with the earphones which I not do very often.

    So thinking it was Friday morning I took my pills (Gabapentin, Venlafaxine, Clonixin, Diazepam) and sit on the computer, THEN I realized which date and hour it was.
    I tried to remember how and when I went to sleep but can't... that's a sign I remember well, so I went again to the bed and saw drips of blood in the wall. I must had a small seizure (even if I took all my anticonvulsants before, as I just saw) so everything feels weird. Why I feel so WELL? I didn't feel this good physically and specially mentally in a long time.

    Could someone give me some recommendations please? I will go to a Neurologist (again) next week regardless.
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    I've napped many times and thought it was the next day upon waking. The blood on the wall part is concerning. Do you know from where you were bleeding from? How do you feel now? I would definitely follow up with your doctor.
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    Is your tongue hurting (from biting), your teeth saw and/or your muscles tense?

    I've had seizures and it's a pretty distinctive combination of the above, confusion and feeling wired, almost like when I try to sleep after taking a lot of MDMA.

    Afterwards however (the next day/following days), I always feel quite vibrant and refreshed. I always think that maybe it's akin to electroshock therapy, and provides some kind of reset.

    Have you had them before?
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    ^Seizures are a varying phenomenon from person to person and based upon what's causing them, but for most everybody I've ever asked, myself included, Status Epilepticus will typically leave you feeling like absolute shit for a bit. For myself, it would be up to 48 hours before I would start coming around. I feel that it's more likely that the various drugs that you're taking somehow impacted your memory.

    I often wake up the next morning after consuming high-doses of Gabapentin, just feeling "well and content" for a few hours, but it dissipates.
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