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    Take home Naloxone UK 
    Can a GP prescribe take home Naloxone in the UK to someone who is using morphine (not prescribed)? Or is this only available from drug services?
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    Naloxone can be prescribed by any medical doctor, but can also be prescribed by some other registered medical staff using a Patient Group Direction (PGD). This means that naloxone can be given out via drug projects that don't necessarily have a doctor on their staff.

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    Hi I'm in the uk, you can get a naloxone for free but it's not usually from your GP. You need to google to find out nere your local drug services are located. You can usually pick them up from needle exchanges or from your local alcohol and drug addiction services. Hope this helps.
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    Just to confirm the above. Contact your local DSP/needle exchange and ask about takehome naloxone. You probably have to be on their books to qualify but that's not a problem and after a five minute "training course" they'll give you a vial of naloxone and IM syringe to use it totally free of charge. I have several at home. Thankfully never had to use them but the fact that they are so freely available is one of the true triumphs of HR over recent years.
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