Thread: Minimum amount of time to redose oxy and morphine orally

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    Minimum amount of time to redose oxy and morphine orally 
    Would you say 3 hours is minimum amount of time to redose oxycodone orally?
    Same with morphine but plugging, I'm not to bothered about the rush more of the nod/sedation.
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    If your using recreationally I'd advise not redosing every 3 hours. While you will get a little extra sedation it will push your tolerance through the roof. I'd try and keep your dosing to twice a day, if you don't have some self control it'll quickly end up not enjoying your opiates any more, and you'll be using simply to feel normal.

    Hope this helps, and be safe.
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    We need more information OP. Dosages, specifically.
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