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    Xanax and Work 
    Sorry for posting here but the Other drug section would not let me for some reason, I know the title sounds like a train wreck but bare with me, Yesterday i got a couple 2mg xanax, Since it was my first time i started with .5 mg, Recreational aspect was lame, Like a muscle relaxer plus being foggy headed, But it calmed my anxiety, I took .25mg before work today since im working the rush hours till we have the new people trained in, Got all my work done peacefully but there was still a bit of foggyness I plan on taking .25mg the next three rush hour shifts i work, Will the foggyness subside and will my tolerance go up if im taking .25mg once daily for 4 days after having done .5mg to start?

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    The Xanax fogginess never goes away, at least for me it doesn't. This is the main reason I hate Xanax, it just dumbs me down and slows me down and not in the good way.

    Tolerance forms differently in everyone but I'm pretty sure you won't get much of a tolerance of you only do that regime once. If you keep up that dosing you will probably build a small tolerance.

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    Sorry buddy, but trajectory of tolerance/dependence/addiction is not something that can be predicted with any sort of certainty. If we knew literally everything about you and your physiology, we might be able to make a semi-accurate assessment, but still, it's a highly subjective thing. All we can say for certain is that your tolerance will go up if you continue using Benzodiazepines in this manner.

    .25mg Alprazolam (Xanax) once per day is probably right around a threshold for what will ultimately provoke tolerance to the drugs' effects. I feel like you might begin to notice the effects of the medication wane in a psychological sense as opposed to a physiological sense.

    This is pretty much as far as we can take threads of this nature, which is why we try to discourage them in the first place. Closed.

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