Thread: Is Ondansetron (Zofran) + Psilocybin Safe?

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    Is Ondansetron (Zofran) + Psilocybin Safe? 
    I have a chronic stomach condition that is often not that well controlled. It makes me extremely sensitive to getting nauseated and my stomach is very sensitive in general. Psilocybin mushrooms have become completely unbearable for me to take. I'm just horribly nauseated the whole time. I haven't taken them in several years because of how miserable I become. I have a prescription for Ondansetron I use to help control my condition and it occurred to me the other day that is might be the perfect solution to allow me to partake once in a while. Seeing as it is a 5-HT3 antagonist, I feel it would be very effective in preventing mushroom-associated nausea.

    Does anyone have any input on this? Is it 100% safe?
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    Yes, as a matter of fact ondansetron is probably the best anti-nausea thing for psychedelics. Totally safe.
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    Yay! Thanks for the info. =) I figured it would be safe and effective, but I wanted to make sure. I'm so excited to take mushrooms again! I missed them and thought I may never take them again due to my condition.
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    Ondansetron will counteract the nausea caused by psychedelics, but the nausea from mushrooms is only partially caused by the psilocybin. A lot of it is from the mushroom itself because it's difficult to digest. In my experience, making tea instead of eating them gets rid of most of the nausea.
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    I've tried making tea, I still get nauseated. I've even (tried) extracting the psilocybin out before and that still made me nauseated (also didn't work very well). It's definitely worse just eating them straight, but every method I've tried still gives me nausea that makes the experience just not worth it because it is so bad.

    I'll probably make tea or do an extraction when I do take it. I'm also on proton pump inhibitors and I'm assuming trying to break down mushroom matter with limited acid in the stomach would be challenging.
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