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    PMA pill in Melbourne 
    Hi there,

    Just wanted to let people know about a about a pill I brought on Saturday night (18/2) in Melbourne

    I purchased a pill last night, Red Apple Mac, and had somewhat hallucinogenic type effects after taking one pill.

    Didn't have any MDMA type effect, and after 4 hours started having waves of hallucinations. It was extremely intense and I knew it definitely wasn't MDMA.

    Two of my other friends had exact same reaction, and Sunday we talked to a couple of other people who 'thought they had consumed acid', because of the hallucinations they were having.

    I had two spare pills, which I then took home today and tested with both Mandelin and Marquis.

    The Marquis test showed up with 2CB/C/I (green colour) and the Mandelin test showed up with PMA/PMMA (brown colour)

    I have attatched 3 pictures, one of the pill and the two tests (marquis and mandelin)

    Hope this can help others and prevent this from happening
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