Thread: ALERT - Fluoroamphetamine and NBOMe again found in a cap sold as MD

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    ALERT - Fluoroamphetamine and NBOMe again found in a cap sold as MD 
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    This time it was found in Canberra and tested by Dr David Caldicott's associated laboratory.

    Please read this pdf warning notice about these capsules.

    On a broader note, this summer has seen quite a few warnings like this which really underscore the state of Australia's drug markets. There appears to be deliberate attempts to make money by selling these novel substances as MDMA.
    (I think the first time I thought, oh it could be a manufacturer error, but now we've seen this combination 3 times at least... it's becoming harder to sustain that benefit of the doubt).

    I don't know how these combinations are coming about and what is going through the minds of the manufacturers. But seriously, these combinations can kill people - not just have a bad time - actually kill people. This is not ok.

    My hope is that our politicians and others can see the sense in opening up testing services for individuals and exempting those services from any legislation that prohibits drug possession, so such services can operate comfortably, and can provide as much information about the drug markets as possible. And that over time, it becomes much harder to sell a concoction like this - because people are more educated and more likely to test before they take, and the market will be less likely to make such offerings. That is what has happened in countries where testing is available.

    Australia is a backwater compared to the European countries that understand the need for harm reduction and want to keep their young people alive.

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    Oh man, this is really terrible to hear.
    Thank you so much for reporting this.

    Be careful out there people.
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    Just heard David on the radio talking about this. Luckily there is not much on around town at the moment except for the Ag show.
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    Honestly, I can see how this combo can be seen as enjoyable by some. It's definitely horrid that, yet again, seedy individuals choose to misrepresent one thing as another. Nothing wrong with selling these caps if they are properly dosed, say, some verified 4-FA at a reasonable dose with a low dose blotter as well inside the gelcap, and customers are thoroughly informed and understand the effects seperately and combined, dangers etc. thing is, with these people profit is their bottom line - they don't understand the science behind it nor can they be arsed. Their bottom line is all that counts for them. I've seen something similar, it was even worse though, the fucker producing it was taking HOT-7, bk-2c-b and methamphetamine and then trying to evenly distribute it all by shaking it in a fucking ziplock baggy. The cunt tried explaining to me that "No, they material will be homogenous, according to the Law of Homogenous Distribution" or some bullshit. Got mad af when I called him out on his bullshit and told all his "molly" customers that what they were getting was in fact something totally different. I had to, one of them was this chick I knew and she asked me about the caps and what was in them, she said they had went off turned all amber colored and all that, mind you this girl was on parole and getting weekly full panel drug tests, I wanted to honestly bash the fuckers head in but knew he was a wee shite of a snitch so just burned his business for him instead.

    Not trying to act hard or anything like that, but I can't bear the fact that this guy was taking something special and good I had shown him how to procure through google with keyword searches and that (gems like HOT-7) and he tried to turn it into something completely selfish. Shulgin's inventions are so special, it just greatly saddens me that human beings have the capacity for that type of ignorant greed in them, despite how the saying goes I believe it to be equal parts stupidity and maliciousness. To take something they have no understanding of the implications of other than that theyll be able to get their meth money for free, and not even be arsed to look into the way that one's body reacts chemically to the substance that they are putting into other people's(!!!) bodies.
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    ^ Jesus Christ. How evil. People playing God, I bet they thought they were going to get rich. Dude thought people were breaking into his house so he opened fire? Yeah right, he knew the cops were coming. It boggles the mind, what must have been going through his head! BIG difference pure MDMA distribution and stuff like this. This right here, moreso equal parts shot out on meth, stupidity, and thinking he is above everyone else and that lining his pockets and having status amongst his circle the only important thing. To be honest, I doubt he even considered the safety of the end user. Then again, who knows, 15kg briefcase from overseas, dude opening fire fearing for his life, perhaps he was forced to be involved in this. Sad story all around. Innocent lives lost and for what? I wish that the source of this evil could be found and eradicated. Sadly, I truely believe that it is a part of human condition and something that as a society we will be forced to survive alongside, as has been since the beginning of time. Its all down to individual responsibility and only putting into our bodies things we have verified and checked for a fact are what we are told they are.
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    Several reports of severe cardiovascular and cerebrovascular complications,including
    intracerebral haemorrhages
    I've had a intracerebral haemorrhage and I have to say that it was extremely painful. I used to try and rank the levels of pain that I've been in but this last week has blow my ranking system out of the water. That said overdosing on something like this and getting intracerebral haemorrhages is awful considering how easy it would be to overdose on this stuff since its a RC and probably active in the low mg level.
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