Thread: Can AFOAF sleep on Vyvanse?

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    Can AFOAF sleep on Vyvanse? 
    Hi guys So AFOAF has ADD and was recently prescribed with 30mg vyvanse. At around 2:30 he took one for some study and is now doubting he will get any sleep. So if you could answer his two questions that would be great help cheers.

    1. Will he be able to sleep at all?
    2. If so, Does anyone have any ideas on how he can get to sleep once study is done? (Not looking for anything illegal)
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    Hey, just a heads up - we don't do that "referring to yourself in third person" thing here.
    It offers you no protection, legal or otherwise, and just makes things hard to read.
    If you're referring to yourself, just say "me"/"I" etc.

    As for whether you'll get to sleep - who knows?
    I wouldn't say it is impossible, but it surely depends on your body's metabolism and other physiological factors. And tbh i'm not familiar with the effects (particularly the duration) of vyvanse.
    Try not to dwell on it or overthink it - that will only make getting to sleep harder.

    Personally i would recommend resting and laying down with your eyes closed, even if you're not sure you can sleep.

    Oh yeah, welcome to bluelight
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    So vyvanse is a isomer of dextroamphetamine, i think.

    Normal dosing of dextroamphetamine is 10mg daily with dose increasing once every week up to 60mg daily (so it would take 6 weeks to get to 60mg a day).

    So Godwintwo2 it'll really depend on how long you've been taking vyvanse, how much your daily dose is and how accustom you are to the daily dose. For example if you're on 10mg daily and you don't feel anything then 30mg probably give you a bit of a buzz.

    I would estimate that with its half-life at approx 9-11 hours (and that's if your not doing much i.e. sitting around), that you'd be able to get some sleep around 2am seeing at that time you'd have approx 10-15mg in your blood. And if you eat a big meal, do some exercise there is a good chance you could reduce that figure even more.
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