Thread: Hey anyone have an idea on whats up w this?

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    Hey anyone have an idea on whats up w this? 
    (eastern aus)

    Received this to try and have enough left that I'd love to know any opinions before flushing it.

    I apologise my phone doesn't have a better camera. Feel free to request a pic of something specifically and I'll do my best.


    Main concerns being:
    Bubbles a lot to begin with regardless of heat amount.
    Colour goes a light brown almost instantly, again amount of heat does not matter.
    Stuff in bag appears wet/damp/not even sure.
    Cracks back in a strange pattern. Will try get a better pic.

    Cheers and stay safe!

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    You have to be careful these days OP

    It could be some fucked up RC with a dose in the very low mg level i.e 1-3mg.

    I once gave my brother Desoxypipradrol which can be active at 1mg. Despite warnings he took probably 75mg over 3 days and didn't sleep, I kid you not, for almost 4 weeks. It was utter terrifying insanity. It looks just like the shit in your baggie.

    If you want any sort of answer then you need to go and buy yourself a reagent test kit. There is no way we can ID a white powder via a picture irrespective of the attributes you mentioned.

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    ^ what he said (last paragraph)

    Sorry mate, we don't allow substance IDs on bluelight, because it's really nothing more than guess work - so i gotta close this. Play safe, and welcome to bluelight

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