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    Urgent Pill Advice? 
    Yo so I don't have access to a test kit and my friend has sourced some pills from his usual, they've never given us anything terrible but I'm apprehensive about these ones based off what people have been saying.
    The pills are Pink 69's and are circulating around the Berwick area, which is south east Melbourne, Victoria.
    First off, they were marketed as "acid-based" which sounds like utter garbage for starters.
    Heard there is mild visuals, (warping etc) but a long onset time. In my untrained eye I maybe suspect PMA but who knows. Someone in an area close to the dealer was sent to hospital on these but I don't know the variables. I don't know how many batches there are going about. Affects are said to last eight hours EDIT: according to one person. . Only cost <snip> a goog, so nothing amazing I'd imagine but it certainly isn't acid. There isn't a recent pill report on these.
    I don't know a heap about the pill game, I'm just a kid looking for fun but not wanting to die.
    So yeah, any advice or id of the substance would be really appreciated. Cheers
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    If it lasts 8 hours it sure as fuck isn't MDMA.

    Bin it.

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    My mate got pissed when I said it's probably PMA. He is still gonna take his but I don't think I will. Cheers.

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    i don't know why you can't buy a tester.

    You can buy them retail or online and then you wouldn't need to guess or gamble when buying pills.

    Also PMA doesn't give you hallucinations or any sort of visual really. The more likely explanation is that they are low dose MDMA cut with some bullshit RC to compensate for lack of MDMA.

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    May contain nbome and 4fa being pressed in pill form? I wouldn't go anywhere near it. Havent seen good mdma in any form for awhile now personally in Melbourne.

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    Welcome to Bluelight Broccolini.

    Try this sub forum:

    We aren't allowed to do Pill ID's here.

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    ^ this.
    Sorry man, we can't discuss prices in aus drug discussion, and any speculation about what's in blackmarket pills is merely guesswork.

    If i were an MDMA user, i wouldn't take anything i hadn't at least regeant-tested, given the recent instances of dangerous (deadly) chems being passed off as MD.

    Going to have to close this, let me know if you have any queries, broccolini - and welcome to Bluelight

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