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    Klonopin Prescription Question 
    Before my last klonopin prescription refill ran out I had a doctors appointment and he wrote me a new script, which I filled at a different pharmacy, with subsequent refills. Same medication but higher dose. So, now I have two klonopin prescriptions with refills on file by the same doctor but at different pharmarcies. Will I be able to fill the final refill of the first script or will it be voided? Just don't want to get flagged or have them call my doctor.

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    My guess is that is entirely dependent on the state you live in (assuming you live in the US). Some states have implemented databases which more closely monitor these things. I think it's entirely possible you could pull of getting the refill on both strengths, so long as you live somewhere that doesn't have these additional monitoring protocols. So, try's and find out what sort of database/monitoring your state has, and determine if its worth the risk giving it a shot.

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    You might get flagged but it's hard to say for sure or not. Sorry, I'm closing this as prescription laws vary and we can't give a definitive answer.

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