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    My nose on coke 
    My nose wont quit running after 2 days of tooting. No lines just bumps here and there. Please tell me how to stop it.
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    Do not know. I'll send it over to BDD, folks there might.
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    You might find rinsing your nasal passages with a salt water solution alleviating... a sort of nasal douche! You can buy a sterile solution for doing it as well as an applicator in most drugs stores. They probably won't ask what it's for but if you don't want to be too specific you can say your suffering from non-allergic rhinitis. Or you can make your own solution by using half teaspoon of salt (preferably sea salt) to one cup of boiled water that was cooled down to room temperature and snort it up each nostril individually. I hope that helps!
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    You can buy a saline spray like Elvis said. I use one called Ayr that my doctor recommended for dry nose or the generics work well too. The best thing for now is to lay off the snorting and your nose running should resolve on it's own.
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    It could just be from the activation of your sympathetic nervous system like i take addrerall orally and during the peak sometimes my nose will just drip congestion becaususe i think when you release adrenaline your body opens its airways so u can breathe deeply so u have maximum air to fight or run for your life
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    I've found this problem occurs more often when bumping from keys or things that leave more residue on the interior of the nose instead of getting directly to nasal passage. Try a Bullet if you are in places where lines are not acceptable. Otherwise I don't have many problems when doing actual lines.

    The saline solutions are good, just make sure you get regular saline and not something with pseudoephedrine or phenyl....
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