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    Rolling like fuck 
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    What can I do at home while on MDMA
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    What can I do at home while on MDMA
    Take a shower. Listen to music while looking at wicked lights like a disco ball. Do a full body moisturizing session. Just surround yourself with positive, happy things. Don't listen to negative music with violent lyrics.
    If you have a partner with you, cuddle together.
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    Lights, cushions, warmth, naked, partner, party music, trippy music, dildos, poppers, lube
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    I could probably be a bit more inventive, but I tend to find that I just want to sit around and gurn and listen to my tunes (loud).

    Bonus points for a girl, and obviously ketamine comes as standard.
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    Music, observing things, I like masturbating on "uppers" lmao.
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    relaxing by candlelight
    Well, I had an intellectual discourse with a friend. It was one of the most intense conversations of my life and I seriously left my body the energy was so powerful. We discussed world issues and it was a man-to-man battle. I was really tested and felt like I did okay. I am the educated one and he's fuckin smarter than me! And he was up 3 days straight on meth. We went to town on each other over the phone just battling it out out life issues world issues everything for 3 hours. It was a spiritual experience and my eyes were still wiggling to much to read 8 hours later. I was FLOORED and I learned more from this than I have from anything all year. Find a friend... I was hoping she would be a cute girl but honestly this was just as powerful. I mean, the fucking gods got involved it became so heated. I was looking down at planet earth at one point. It was INSANE and this man from BL here is a CRAZY dude. Just my type of friend.

    The hangover today is horrific. Try to remember to drink water. I literally couldn't see what was in front of me due to the eye wiggles. 18 month break and it changed my life. 150 milligrams.
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