Thread: will smoking increase seizure risk during alcohol wd?

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    will smoking increase seizure risk during alcohol wd? 
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    I quit drinking 3 days ago, had a seizure and and now on 3 25mg librium a day. Will smoking increase my chance for a seizure? I know weed lowers the seizure threshold but am i at risk if i smoke?
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    Check this website/study out-- I know the URL looks weird but it's a link to managing alcoholism with cannabis:

    There's a lot of anecdotal information online about people using marijuana to help negate some of the nastier symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. As mention in the link I posted, though, "To date there have been no placebo-controlled double-blind studies of the success of cannabis as a substitute for alcohol for people with alcohol dependence," so there's not much hard data/research on this subject.

    I can't really recommend smoking or not smoking because I honestly don't know how susceptible you are right now to seizing, but I can say that if I were in your shoes and read all the stuff that I just skimmed a few minutes ago I'd probably be tokin' up, man.
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    or a gun
    I'm not sure about regular THC weed, but a CBD rich strain will likely actually help with seizures.
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    My last time going through alcohol WD's was last year, and during the acute phase (that is to say, the first three days or so) you couldn't have paid me to touch weed, I had a bunch but waited until I had passed the aforementioned early phase.

    I don't know enough to speak directly to seizures, but if you know what WD's are like, and you know what weed can sometimes do vis-a-vis anxiety, it could potentially be a frightening combination, in my estimation.

    Or it could be heaven sent, what do I know? But my thought at the time was no way.
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    I used weed exclusively to end my alcoholism. There was anxiety and paranoid days but it smoothed out and I experienced only a lot of night sweats. I didn't experience seizures but my drinking was habitual daily for years and I was kind of expecting them.

    My experience included medical advise, some of which I followed in regards to the amount of weed I consumed. I went with edibles only for duration of effect and did not smoke at all for 6 months. I haven't drank in 17 months. It is always available but I don't crave it at all. I will say consult your doctor not a bunch of druggies on the Internet, but I'm sure you know that already.

    For me weed has been the gateway drug out of alcohol addiction.
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