Thread: HR (Prozac & Dexedrine AM) (Celexa PM)

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    HR (Prozac & Dexedrine AM) (Celexa PM) 
    Is this safe?
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    It's not NPSD material, that's for sure.

    Prozac and Celexa probably shouldn't be taken together, you should be on one or the other. One is a SNRI and the other a SSRI, they kind of do the same thing.
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    I was just looking for harm reduction advice, maybe basic drug discussion would have been more appropriate? They are both ssris, I'm not sure if that's an issue or not though.
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    Prozac and celexa build up in your system for weeks before having effect, so the am pm doesn't really matter here. They're more dangerous to take together, but I'm assuming both are prescribed, so you should talk to your doc about that. I'm guessing it's worth the risk here, as your doctor defiantly knows the danger of taking both and wouldn't prescribe it otherwise. Dexidrine is safe to take with both, no interactions, but it can possibly destabilize your mood which may or my not affect your depression. I've found amphetamines to help with my depression, but that's because they help with several other conditions that result in my depression, so it may not apply to you. If you're only worried about dexedrine and SSRI interactions, you've got nothing to worry about.
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    It's so confusing, I see sites saying you shouldn't take Prozac and amph for reasons related to how it breaks down in the body. And then I don't see people on two ssris either. My doc wants me to just take the Prozac but I'll be to anxious as Prozac is stimulating. But my plan is to get off celexa when the Prozac builds up enough I guess.
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