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    Xanax blacklight 
    No doubt this has been covered before.
    I have much experience with other benzo's all rc's and long half lives apart from Etizolam which has a shortish half life.
    I only blacked out once but I had mixed about four or five different kinds at rather big dosages.

    Yesterday I planned to take a bar and a half(3mg) if xanax and watch a movie with a beer. I have little tolerance... From recent use but i didnt take any more than 2mg once or twice in the past 2 weeks to get to sleep after a trip.

    Today i have vague recollections of my brother and wife visiting. No memory of speaking on phone to my boss or wife and it would appear I had a couple extra drinks. Also had 6mg xanax in total and 100mg diphenhydramine too. WTF??
    I woke up this morning and couldn't work out where i had left the dogs lead last night after its walk.
    Someone I met today referred to a conversation we had while mutual dog walking last night. Really?? Total blank

    Anyone reading this take whatever you need and hide the rest. Put it in a safe. Whatever. All intents and purposes I was lucid but still WTF

    P.s. I made dinner last night and my wife said it wasn't up to the usual quality... I don't even have a fucking clue what we had!!
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    I meant for title to read blackout not blacklight. Kinda works though!
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    I used to wake up and whole bottles would be gone, its like I'm become compelled to take more and more. If i hid them i would just tear the house apart looking for them, so that won't work...and if I give them to someone than more than likely at some point we will fight till they are returned. Sometimes it just happens and blackout every time.... the drinking surely didn't help the situation at all.. and not to a lot of drinking either, just a little at the beginning (that I remember)... then throw in the opiates, and I was a walking disaster on the edge of od... not a good combo, I know people personally who died from that combo. Kinda surprised I never ended up dead.... Not a good idea at all

    For me the scariest thing is I will think I'm tototally ok to drive, when I am so far from it.... and I've always been huge on not drunk driving and driving sober. So that makes the idea i could think it would be ok to drive that much worse. It's like every one of my natural reactions and thoughts completely disappear.. scary...

    So have told myself not to do that anymore, I did it way to long and bad things happen
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    Was addicted to Xanax for four years... the last two years of the addiction is a blank. So many events happened that I have no memory of... It's like there was an auto-pilot. Let's just say I don't even remember proposing to my wife... and she is pissed about that, let me tell you! Xanax is EVIL fucking shit.
    They call it "alcohol in a pill"... very suiting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OpenGtuning View Post
    I meant for title to read blackout not blacklight. Kinda works though!
    The little pencil in the bottom right corner of your post(when logged in) is the "edit" function...if you did want to fix it...
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