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    Wanting to feel it 
    A friend of mine a few nights ago took 3 200mg pills spaced out over the night. He only felt the effects of one tablet but not much later. couple days later he takes one of the same batch waited 20 min then another. At the time it did not appear to have much affect. He was wondering is there any way to bring on the affects.
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    Sadly, nowadays, a disgusting amount of ecstasy pills don't even contain MDMA. Sounds like you had some bunk pills with nothing in or RCs . don't feel, i fell victim to it.
    The only way.I can see your friend having a problem is if he is. Popping mdma too much prior. And had a tolerance, or has not slept which can deplete serotonin levels
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    Thanks for the reply. He would say definitley not pure. And lac of sleep maybe. Posibly depleted seretonon. What I was wondering is if there is any way to bring the affects on.
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    Uh, did you even bother to read the response to your question? You can't "bring on the affects" (it's 'effects' BTW) because you have shitty pills.
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    Not even about having shitty pills, prolonged and often use of MDMA and Pills just doesn't work, serotonin needs time to reproduce in your body, I've abused MDMA in large quantities to the point where the high doesn't feel good. I'd say how it turns out would entirely depend on the atmosphere at an illegal rave it can feel amazing in a bedroom at 6am it's a pointless exercise in futility.
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    He was wondering is there any way to bring on the affects.
    Wait three months, then try again.
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