Thread: Codeine/Ibuprofen Higher Than Extracted Codeine :/

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    Codeine/Ibuprofen Higher Than Extracted Codeine :/ 
    I've been extracting codeine from paracetamol/codeine tablets every few weeks-months for a few years now. Recently I've been taking ibuprofen/codeine tablets whole, at a smaller dose than when I do an extraction. The first time I did this I noticed the experience was smoother, more euphoric and just generally more enjoyable. I've since done this about 10 times producing the same results every time.

    To make sure this wasn't a placebo effect and to not risk potential liver damage from the higher ibuprofen doses, I did another another APAP/codeine extraction. Taken at a higher dose to account for codeine lost in extraction, 2-3 hours after eating (as per usual), I had the exact same experience that I'd previously been used to. I felt the other effects of a higher opiate dose such as body load, heady-ness, constipation ect yet the experience was less euphoric than a smaller dose of ibuprofen/codeine tablets. I've already ruled out common variables such as extraction process (I've somewhat perfected my extraction over the years) and stomach contents ect so what could be the reason for this? Does the high dose of ibuprofen, being a non steroidal anti inflammatory, somehow aid the codeine? I not only ask out of curiosity but I want to know if there is a way to replicate this experience to avoid the risk of liver damage.
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    I've always said and guerantee it's you mis extracting a few mgs here and there , coffee filters aren't lab tools no matter what anyone says and how "simple" CWE is, that doesn't make it well done
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    Well, like I said... The extraction experience has the characteristics of a higher opiate dose minus the euphoria. Like I also said I accounted for any MG's lost by taking a fairly substantial higher dose. Haha I knew the first reply would say that no matter how I tried to squash it in the original post :P
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    Gorillaboy, you have a good point if we're looking at this from the point of view of a chemist. Using Cold Water and a filter to separate these constituents is by no means going to leave you with chemically pure Codeine nor will your final product be totally devoid of binders and/or APAP. There would be secondary steps involved in truly purifying your end product, but due to the facile nature of the process described. This is really no reason to discourage the practice in any way however, because as dangerous drug-using behaviors go, CWE saves and I'm sure has saved countless lives.
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    True , wasn't really condoning it but when it's one of those days I need every mg no patience you feel me :P
    Cwe has saved my ass , I used to make my own lean by extracting norcos and making 40-50 mgs bottles of Coca Cola hydrocodone
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